MoorDyn output Moments

Dear @Jason.Jonkman

Finally, i succeeded in coupling MoorDyn and MATLAB.
One of the interesting MoorDyn outputs are a 6 dimensional vector which consists of Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
My problem is that i did not find in MoorDyn user guide : With respect to which point the moments Mx, My are computed ?

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Dear Riad,
In general the moments would be about the body’s reference point, often called the platform reference point in OpenFAST. Typically this is the point on the body that is at the center and at the waterline (z=0) when the body is undisplaced, though it can be set up differently. The orientations/directions are aligned with the global x/y/z directions, same as the forces.
Best, Matt

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