Modelling icing: Compice and input file


I would like to look at the effects of icing, by setting CompIce to 1.
However, I have no idea how the input file for ice should be structured: where can an example be found?

Thank yee!

Dear Emanuele,

None of the sample FAST models in the CertTest directory of the FAST v8 archive include models with sea-ice loading enabled. And I have not used the ice modules myself, so, probably cannot be of much help. However, setting CompIce = 1 will enable the IceFloe module, available from: This website includes documentation, a standalone IceFloe executable, and sample models, and is probably your resource for getting started.

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Dear Jason

How can I increase the blade mass or rotor inertia during simulation?

For example, after 20 seconds, the mass of the blade or rotor inertia increases.
I use the test18.

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Dear Reza,

Without changing the FAST source code, you can not change the blade mass or rotor inertia during the simulation.

See the following forum topic for some discussion on the modeling of blade icing within FAST:

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Dear Jason,

Thank you for giving me a quick answer