Modeling of rotor imbalance with BeamDyn

Hi everyone,
is there any way I can model a rotor mass imbalance when using BeamDyn for the blade dynamics?
In ElastoDyn there are three individual files for the blade properties, so I can make one blade a bit heavier. But with BeamDyn there is only one file for all three blades, so all blades must be identical.
Is there maybe an alternative way like e.g. offsetting the hub or something?

Dear Jens,

Actually, there are three distinct BeamDyn input files listed in the FAST / OpenFAST primary input file, BDBldFile(1-3).

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sorry, I didn’t realize that the three individual BeamDyn files are in the main .fst file as opposed to ElastoDyn, where the induvidual blade properties are located inside the driver file.

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