Meaning of Flap Moment in WTPERF

Hi everybody,
I would like to confirm the exact meaning of “Flap Moment” in WTPERF output. Is it
a) the out-of-plane moment, no matter what the pitch is
b) the real flap moment, so it is always in the plane of the chord of the blade

thanks a lot
Best regards
Claudio Pedrazzi

I haven’t had a chance to read the code to remind myself (that stuff was done many years ago), but I’m pretty certain that it is the out-of-plane moment. I think I just summed the element thrusts times the spans to get it.

Please note: It does not include any moment due to centrifugal effects on a preconed rotor–it is purely aerodynamics. There are no mass values input into WT_Perf to compute such things.