Matlab Interface


Im completing my final year project to design a Matlab app that runs a selection of local Met tower data using Fast mechanical model feeding into a PMSG in simulink. The data being input has a resolution of 15 minutes. Is it possible to run data for a 24 hour period or longer. Is there a time limit to how long the simulation can be ran?

Dear David,

There is no hard limit on how long a FAST simulation can be.

But I would be concerned that using wind data with a resolution of 15 minutes is too coarse for FAST. FAST is meant for loads analysis, in which case what matters is that the wind turbulence excites the lowest natural frequencies of the structure. Depending on the turbine size, it is usually important to resolve turbulence up to frequencies between 2-10 Hz (the smaller the turbine, the higher the frequency that should be resolved).

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