Kind Definitions

With reference to the NWTC programmer’s handbook, it is intended to have internal (FAST) KIND definitions for all variable types. Is there a version available yet of the module in which they are defined? I am looking specifically for IntKi, which is given in the manual but is not defined yet in FAST v7.01.00a-bjj, 16-Feb-2012. Thanks.




The IntKi variable is part of the NWTC Subroutine Library, but the alpha version with IntKi defined in the Precision module as IntKi=4 has not yet been released. I will work on getting that released soon.

Thanks very much for the update. I will not use this parameter in my new code until the precision module has been released. Kind Regards, Mark

I released NWTC Library v1.05.00 yesterday, and it contains the definitions required to compile the template module in the Programmer’s Handbook. You can download the library here: … nwtc_subs/