Input data of AeroDyn for designing controller (DISCON.DLL)

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Dear NWTC Team,

I have a question regarding the application of the controller implemented in DISCON.DLL and described in for the NREL 5MW Baseline Wind Turbine. In Appendix A.1 and B.1 are provided sample input files for FAST and AeroDyn. Is the controller optimized for these paremeters? If not, can you share the parameter setting for which the controller is best applicable (i.e. the parameters with which the simulations for the developent of the baseline generator-torque controller were performed)?

Especially I am interessted in the settings of AeroDyn you used for the design of the controller.

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Colin Schwarz

Dear Colin,

A similar question has been answered in the following forum topic:

With regards to the AeroDyn settings, the big difference from what is given in Appendix B.1 is that the controller gains were derived with StallMod = STEADY; that is, with the Beddoes-Leishman dynamic-stall model disabled.

Please note that Appendix B.1 shows the primary AeroDyn input file for AeroDyn v12.60i, which is a version that was never formally realized. However, the results should be very similar to what is currently set-up in the AeroDyn input files for the NREL 5-MW turbine in the FAST v8 release. Also note that the controller gains were derived from an AeroDyn solution that employed a frozen wake assumption during linearization, as discussed in the forum topic linked above.

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