Inertia of NREL 5MW Turbine blade

Dear all,

Is there anyone can provide me the value of the pitch-wise inertia of each NREL 5MW Turbine blade? From the NREL 5MW Turbine reference, I saw some data about the flap-wise and edgewise inertia under “Distributed Blade Structure Properties”, but not pitch-wise.

And what are the “Second Mass Moment of Inertia (w.r.t. Root)” and “First Mass Moment of Inertia (w.r.t. Root)” referring to from the NREL 5MW Turbine reference “Undistributed Blade Structure Properties”.

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Zhichao Yu
Kansas State University

Dear Zhichao,

The pitch (i.e., torsional) inertia of each blade section about the section c.g. is simply the sum of the flapwise and edgewise inertias about the section c.g… Of course, any or all of these inertias can be translated to the pitch axis using the values of the flapwise (all zero) and edgewise c.g. offsets. By doing the integration of the section pitch inertia along the blade span, the total blade pitch inertia is found to be about 28600 kg*m^2.

The “Second Mass Moment of Inertia (w.r.t. Root)” and “First Mass Moment of Inertia (w.r.t. Root)” of the NREL 5-MW turbine blade from its specification document are the flapwise/edgewise inertia values (they are both roughly the same with respect to the blade root).

I hope that helps.

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Thank you so much, Dr. Jonkman. That answers my all my questions at this moment.

Zhichao Yu