Inclined seabed in MoorDyn

Dear all,

I’m trying to model a semi-submersible platform located in a site where there are significant differences in depth for the anchors of the mooring system, meaning that anchors are placed at different values of Z (e.g. Z_anch1=-100m, Z_anch2=-150m, Z_anc3=-110m). Does MoorDyn take the inclination of the seabed into account for the calculation of the portion of line in contact with the seabed? If affirmative, in case the seabed not been just an inclined plane but kind of a “hill”, is any kind of interpolation performed between the coordinates of the different anchors in order to estimate the shape of the seabed?

Thank you in advance,

Dear Ander,

Sorry for the delayed response. MoorDyn currently only supports a uniform seabed depth. Capabilities for seabed bathymetry are planned for development in several stages: (1) each line has its own uniform depth, (2) uniformly sloped seabed, (3) bathymetry grid with linear interpolation. An initial version of (1) should be available in an OpenFAST development branch by the end of September, but it may be until the spring that the capabilities are completed and released.