Imposed Motion in Surge to FOWT with Semisubersible Floater

Dear Dr. @Jason.Jonkman,
Thanks for your reply. I will be waiting for the new release. Thanks.


Dear Dr. @Jason.Jonkman,
I have one query regarding the turbsim tool;

(1) Is there a method or recommended approach for parallelizing TurbSim simulations across multiple CPU cores or nodes? I’m interested in exploring options to speed up simulation runs by leveraging parallel processing capabilities. Any insights or best practices would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Muhammad Abdullah

Dear @Muhammad.Abdullah,

I’m not aware of any effort to parallelize TurbSim and don’t know how much work that would be to develop.

Here is a link to an older topic that discusses the CPU time expected with TurbSim simulations as you increase the number of points: TurbSim CPU Times .

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