Hywind OC3 platform motion

Dear all,

for my project I have to look at the motion of the tower and the platform. I would like to see the deflection of the base of the platform with respect to the SWL.
In other words, I should need something like the “TTDspFA” (that is used for the top of the tower) for the deepest point of the floating structure. Is there any way that I can do to see it?? Maybe with the gage of the tower?

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Dear Giuseppe,

In FAST, the floating platform is treated as a six degree-of-freedom (DOF) rigid body. The DOFs and corresponding outputs consist of the translational surge, sway, and heave and rotational roll, pitch, and yaw motions of the platform reference point. While the motions of the bottom of the platform are not directly output from FAST, you can quite easily derive these motions from the corresponding motions of the platform reference point using standard expressions for rigid-body kinematics.

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Dear Jason,

thank you for you reply. That’s all I wanted to know. =)

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