How to use MoorDyn V2

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I now want to carry out a combination of synthetic fibers and anchor chains for mooring, as synthetic fibers are very nonlinear, but MoorDyn can only compute linear chains, and I learned that MoorDynv2 can compute nonlinearities and Wave kinematics, and Bending stiffness. so I would like to upgrade my MooeDyn to the V2 version.
Normally I modify MoorDyn’s inputfile to modify the mooring parameters, but I looked at and it’s not too clear how MoorDynv2 is coupled to openfast, is it still necessary to MoorDynDriver? , and at the same time is it required to be coupled with Python to work?
I hope to get help from everyone, thank you very much!
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Dear @Yushun.Fu,

As of OpenFAST v3.3 and newer, OpenFAST is coupled to MoorDyn v2 rather than older versions of MoorDyn.

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Dear Jason,

Thank you for your reply, as stated above, if I want to use synthetic fibers as my mooring lines, in order to account for nonlinearities, please is there an example of the file content for the alternative number, I’d like to see what the content and format of the file looks like.
I didn’t understand why there is also a column about time, do Stiffness, Internal damping, and Bent stiffness change over time, and is nonlinearity expressed through time changes?
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Dear @Matthew.Hall
I want to try to simulate IEA15MW using the moordynv2 version in openfast, and I’m currently experiencing three problems.

The first one is the problem that I want synthetic fibers as my mooring lines, so I need to take into account its nonlinearity, which is new in v2. But I’m not quite sure what a time column and a data column stand for, is there a relevant example for me to learn from?

The second question is I see that v2 supports Wave Kinematics and The seabed friction[Input Files — MoorDyn 2.1.0 documentation]), why does it show as uninterpretable in the initialization in fast, is there a problem with my formatting?

The third question is I see that v2 version can consider Water Kinematics, in this input file waveelev.dat here can I use the Wave1Elev output in hydrodyn?

By the way, what is MoorDynDriver_x64 used for, I’m a little bit confused
Looking forward to your reply!

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