How to simulate a constant thrust force at the hub height

Dear Dr. Jonkman

To evaluate the effects of blades rotating on the movement of floating offshore wind turbine, I want to make a comparison for the following two case

  1. turbine rotates normally and the TwrBsFxt are recorded.
  2. turbine are shutdown and rotor are braked at time = 0, and a equivalent force are applied at the hub height on turbine to obtain a same TwrBsFxt.

I want to adjust the Cd Cl of airfoil to reach this object, but I can not brake the rotor at time = 0;

I’m looking forward to your comments


Dear Chao,

I’m not sure why you say that you cannot brake the rotor at time zero. You can set THSSBrDp to zero, if desired. Alternatively, if you don’t actually want to simulate the braking event, but instead want to treat the rotor parked the entire simulation, you can do so by disabling the generator DOF (GenDOF = False) and initializing the rotor speed to zero (RotSpeed = 0).

Best regards,