How to instigate main modes of the spar type wind turbine?


Suppose spar type floating wind turbine in still water(No wave). Also suppose the Gen torque is constant. I want to change the blade pitches in a such a way that most of the motion modes of the turbine be instigated during given simulation time. In this case the input is blade pitch angle and the outputs are motions of the turbine. Is there anybody knows how the blade pitch must be varied to instigate main modes of the turbine?
Note the wind is turbulent and it’s MVS is 18m/s.
If it is not possible in turbulent wind, what about doing such work in different constant wind speeds?
How this is possible in FAST and ADAMS?

Any comments in this field will be so helpful.


Dear Mehdi,

I suggest that you research the use of operational modal analysis (OMA).

Best regards,