high wind speed without the module CompServo

Dear Dr Jason,

In FAST, as for 5MW wind turbine, when the speed of wind is over 11.4m/s, because of the influence of ServoDyn,
the equilibrium position of surge and pitch decreases with the increase of wind speed,
when I shutdown the module CompServo, the program aborts.

So can I simulate the motion of the platform when the speed of wind is over 11.4m/s without the module CompServo?

Best regards.

Dear Yuanzhao,

Can you clarify what you want to do? Disabling ServoDyn will disable active control, which is unrealistic for operational wind speeds above rated. If you are trying to model a high wind speed case where the turbine is parked or idling, the blades should be feathered to 90 degrees to minimize thrust loads.

Best regards,