From an ANSYS file


Is there a way to export blade information from an ANSYS file to something compatible with BModes and FAST?

I know that some calculations will be needed, but I am looking to minimize the amount of conversion from ANSYS to BModes and FAST that must be done manually.


Harry Wornick
LANL Wind Turbine Clinic Team - Harvey Mudd College

I don’t think we’ve ever modeled a blade with ANSYS at NREL and I have no idea how to export the data. Our modeling team usually starts with blade mass and stiffness distributions. I’ve never used ANSYS.


Hi Harry,

The wind energy group out of Sandia National Laboratory has developed the code NuMAD, which is a pre- and post-processor for ANSYS-based FEA analysis of wind turbine blades. NuMAD is tailored to wind turbine blades and enables one to create a 3D FEA model and perform structural analysis in ANSYS. Additionally, a “beam property extraction” feature is available to produce section properties from ANSYS for beam-type models such as BModes and FAST. More information can be found at:

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