Flex5 Manual

Dear All,

I am started working on Flex5 also. Do anyone has ‘operating manual of Flex5’? Or Similar type of document which describes the working of the Flex5. Is it possible for you to share the same?

Dear Shankar,

This forum is for questions related to NREL-developed design codes. FLEX5 was not developed, nor is it supported by, NREL. Sorry.

By the way: NREL has developed the aero-elastic FAST code, which is similar in functionality to FLEX5.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for immediate reply.

I know this forum is for FAST and other codes developed by NREL. As you mentioned FAST is similar to Flex5 and I thought some of the people may also be working with Flex5 parallel to FAST. That’s why I was exploring the possibility of availability of Flex5 manual.