FAST v8 AeroDyn v15 convergence problems for low-speed, high-turbulence

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I using FAST v8 with AeroDyn v15 to simulate the NREL 5MW turbine (with Sandia 5MW blade definition) in TurbSim-generated turbulence fields (normal and extreme turbulence) throughout the operating range. Simulation setup is based on Certification Test #18. I am using the steady airfoil aerodynamics model (AFAeroMod = 1), an uncoupled skewed wake correction model (SkewMod = 1), and I do not include tower aerodynamic effects.

For some wind conditions (extreme turbulence model at 3, 5, 7, and 9 m/s and normal turbulence model at 3 m/s), the BEM solution is failing well into the simulation (anywhere from 100 s to 1200 s in) with a negative Vx. For example:

[code] FAST_Solution:FAST_AdvanceStates:AD_UpdateStates:BEMT_UpdateStates(node 7, blade
3):BEMT_UnCoupledSolve:DeterminePhiBounds:There is no valid value of phi for these operating
conditions! Vx = -1.50015E-02, Vy = 14.886, rlocal = 19.936, theta = 0.17736

FAST encountered an error at simulation time 154.6 of 200 seconds.
Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR[/code]
Although I wouldn’t expect these steps to be helpful in this case, I have tried adding a correction step, making DT smaller, and changing InterpOrder, all to no avail. I set the initial conditions according to the discussion here [url]] (that post had to do with simulations failing right away, which was solved by setting correct initial conditions–now the failure happens well into simulation). I understand that Vx is the relative wind speed (wind speed minus structural speed); the structural solution seems reasonable up until failure for my simulations.

Based on the discussion with Yannick in [url]] it appears that problems stemming from small/negative Vx may be a known issue. Is that the case? Is there anything else I might try? Otherwise I may try to see if there is any difference using AeroDyn v14.

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Austin Herrema

Dear Austin,

The failure of the BEM algorithm of AeroDyn v15.00 - v15.03 when Vx goes negative is a known issue. Working in collaboration with Envision, we have found the algorithmic problem causing the issue. While we have not yet publicly released the updated code, you can find a version of AeroDyn v15 with issue resolved here: Reverting to the older AeroDyn v14 will also work.

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Dear Dr. Jonkman,

Thank you for the response; it is good to know that this issue is already being addressed and that a solution has been made available. Thanks to the NREL team (and Envision) for their great work!

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Dear Dr. Jonkman,

I’m using FAST8.16-Beamdyn, Aerodyn15 to simulate my case. it works well when I set to CompElast=1,CompAer=2.
when I switch to CompElast=2, it appears an error like in snapshot.
I checked the Beamdyn Distributed properties and blade geometry files, it ran in Beamdyn Stand alone without any error.
Moreover I tried to change ElemOrder=8, and DT=0.000125.

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Dear Tohid,

You asked a similar question in the following forum topic: I’ve responded there. Please don’t post the same question in multiple forum topics.

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Dear Jason,

i appologize for the mistake. I will follow my question in aforementioned link.

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Dear Jason,

I tried to simulate a full nacelle rotation with still wind using AeroDyn 15 and the yaw maneuver. As I know from the posts in this section the error I got, is a well known problem. So I tried to include the release of AeroDyn, you posted the link for, but unfotunatly I still get the error with the new compiled FAST version. My wind field is uniform with a constant speed of 0.5 m/s in horizontal direction and no shear.

I guess, I did not include the source code for the changed AeroDyn in a correct way.
Do you have a short manual how to include the changed AeroDyn into the FAST source code, especially concerning the correct libary NWTC?

Thank you in advance.
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Dear Fiona,

Compiling FAST v8.16 with AeroDyn v15.04 has been discussed in the following forum topic:

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