FAST tower polynomial mode shapes from BMODES - MATLAB script?

Hi All,

I’m using BMODES to generate tower mode shapes and then the excel sheet “ModeShapePolyFitting” to generate the polynomial coefficients.

I’m surprised I haven’t been able to find a matlab script to achieve such, as it seems like a significant block in an automation flow.

So my question is, does anyone in the FAST community have such a script before I go and write one?


Chris Wright,

Dear Chris,

While I haven’t used it myself, another user of FAST (Ian Prowell) wrote the attached MATLAB script that could be used as a replacement for the ModeShapePolyFitting.xls spreadsheet.

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get_fast_style_poly.m.txt (730 Bytes)

Dear Jason,

Thanks a million for your response.

With kind regards,

Chris Wright