FAST Output


To compare the results that i get from my MATLAB model with FAST results I’d like to have other outputs. For exemples:

  • the blades element forces time history (e.g. at the tip);
  • the mass, stiffness, autovector matrices
  • autoval vector.

Is possibile to know (stamp) these parameters ?

I thank you for your help, best regards

Lorenzo Montanari


You can create several virtual strain gages along the blade. You can also ask AeroDyn to output aerodynamic forces at any combination of aerodynamic analysis nodes, but they come out in a separate file. We plan to export such information to the structural code in a future release. Mass and stiffness are input parameters, unless you mean something else. I have no idea what “autovector matrices” and “autoval vector” are.


Dear Buhl Marshall,

 I thank for your response. I got wrong: the correct words are "eigenvalues matrices" and "eigenvectors matrices". 

 Thanks again. 


Dear Lorenzo,

You can use the linearization functionality of FAST to output linearized matrices about an operating point. These are matrices that you can use to perform full-system eigenanlysis with. See the “Linearization” chapter of the FAST User’s Guide for more information.

Best regards,