Fast File for NREL 3.0 MW Turbine

I would like to design substructure for NREL 3.0 MW Turbine, which is mentioned in this document So, it would be helpful if you can provide sample fast files for the same.

I would also like to know some guidelines on allowable deflection at Tower top(i.e at Hub level).


Dear Kiran,

I think you mean the “WindPACT 3-MW turbine”. However, I don’t have a copy of this turbine model. I would normally suggest that you contact the authors of the report, but both of the authors have since retired. If you really need this model, my guess is you’ll need to remake the model based on available information.

I don’t believe most turbines have specified allowable tower-top deflection limits. Acceleration limits of the nacelle/drivetrain are more likely.

Best regards,