Disable torque data in FAST


I’m trying to figure out how to keep my rotor steady at a certain speed in FAST, but I keep experiencing variations.
Is there a quick way or a setting I can adjust to disable simulation data for the aerodynamic / generator torques, so that I can test without their effects?


Dear Mikael,

Disabling the generator degree of freedom (GenDOF) will force the generator to spin at a constant speed regardless of the torques applied. Disabling the drivetrain-torsion DOF (DrTrDOF) will also eliminate the torsional flexibility of the shaft (so if both GenDOF and DrTrDOF = False, the rotor speed will be constant regardless of the torques applied).

Best regards,

Thank you for replying, it took me quite a while, but I finally managed to shed some light on it by reading more about it, which finally led me back here and previous posts. Was really driving me nuts for a while there. :laughing:
Thank you!!