Disable function that stops the simulation at tower strike


I do not want that FAST is abording the simulation when a tower strike happens. It should complete the simulation.

In which files are which changes are necessary? I searched for “tower strike” in the files and only found it in Aerodyn.f90 and AeroSubs.f90

I hope someone can help me!

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Hi Kemal,

It is the following code in AeroDyn.f90 that is causing FAST to abort upon the tower strike:

if ( TwrClrnc <= 0.0_ReKi ) then call SetErrStat(ErrID_Fatal, "Tower strike.", ErrStat, ErrMsg, RoutineName) end if
You could change ErrID_Fatal to ErrID_Warn and recompile to issue a warning that will not result in the simulation aborting. Of course, the simulation may not be realistic during the tower strike because FAST does not model the impact forcing.

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Thanks, it worked :smiley:

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