Different pitch control for different blades

Hello! Hope I find everyone in good spirits :slight_smile:

I would like to intervene in the pitch control, for example by keeping one blade’s pitch angle constant with different wind speeds, to simulate a malfunctioning in the motor that moves one particular blade.
How can I do that?

I see in …ServoDyn.dat that there are these possibilities: 3: user-defined from routine PitchCntrl, 4: user-defined from Simulink/Labview
On a practical level, what is that routine PitchCntrl, and how can be modified?
From Simulink, how could it be done?
For the other option wit DLL I am too scared to even mention it :smiley:

Thank you very very much


My question still stands, in case I wanna intervene in a nice way on the control.

With the power of ignorance, however, I worked around it by imposing 0 in the TPitManS(1) variable in the …ServoDyn.dat file, so the pitch remains at the BlPitchF(1) value.
The other two TPitManS variables are left at 9999.9, so the controller keeps acting on them.


Dear Emanuele,

It sounds like you figured how to force a malfunction in the blade-pitch controller. Using the override pitch maneuvers, as you’ve done, is the easiest way.

Implementing pitch-control logic within the PitchCntrl() SUBROUTINE requires you to modify the template PitchCntrl() SUBROUTINE provided with the FAST source and recompile FAST. Selecting PCMode = 4 requires a MATLAB/Simulink license, using the FAST v8 interface to Simulink, and implementing your pitch-control logic in MATLAB/Simulink.

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