Dead links in OpenFAST documentation

I am trying to follow the following tutorial:

My problem is, that the link to the github repository with the example files is dead:

Any idea where I can find the four files Main.fst, ElastDyn.dat, ElastDyn_Blade.dat and ElastoDyn_Tower.dat in a version that works with OpenFAST-v3.5.2 ?

Dear @Uwe.Fechner,

That introductory OpenFAST documentation developed by @Emmanuel.Branlard was merged into the dev branch of the OpenFAST GitHub repository on Dec 12, 2023 through the following pull request: Adding documentation for typical usages of OpenFAST by ebranlard · Pull Request #308 · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub. It is slated for release in OpenFAST v4.0 that is expected soon. But you can find these files sooner by switching to the dev branch within OpenFAST GitHub repository. Here is a deep link: r-test/glue-codes/openfast/MinimalExample at 8d21c700da5c2455329fab9e6b4b01a0ed14d7a9 · OpenFAST/r-test · GitHub.

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