Crunch Moving Averages


I’m using Crunch’s moving averaging tool to compute the maximum 3 second average wind speed from FAST simulations. My FAST time step is 0.05 seconds and my output column for wind speed uWind is column 2 in the .out files. I have set my Crunch file up in the following manor (similar to how M. Buhl does it in the Crunch User’s Guide):

1 channels will have moving averages generated for them.
Format for moving-average info is: “Title” (10 char max), channel #, averaging period

Crunch successfully computes a max 3 second moving average but if I was to compute the max 3 second average of the output files myself using code within Excel, I get a different value. Crunch yields a maximum of 53.6 m/s and my Excel code yields a maximum of 56.0 m/s (when computing the moving average over UWind). The value yielded in Crunch is typically lower than that of what I find using code in Excel. Has there been any other comments about the moving averaging function not working properly? Or do I not have my Crunch command set up properly? Any assistance is welcomed and I’d be happy to provide my input files.