Constant GenPwr in NRELOffshrBsline5MW_ITIBarge4


I am getting constant power output for GenPwr in 5MW ITI Barge design. Is it because torque controller has been set to constant power for this analysis? If, so how can i change it?


Dear Nikunj,

I’m not sure how to answer your question becuse you didn’t say what your control settings are or what environmental conditions you are using. It sounds like you are getting constant power when you wouldn’t expect it.

Is the generator DOF enabled or disabled in your model (GenDOF = True or False)? FAST will still call the selected torque control routine (generator model or torque controller) when GenDOF is disabled and the generator torque and power that is computed from that routine is what is written by FAST to the output file. But other than for output, these calculations are basically ignored by FAST when GenDOF is disabled and the shaft will spin at a constant rate regardless.

Best regards,