compiling using PGI


I am trying to get adams.dll and *.mexw64 using PGI compiler because i want to work with ADAMS 64bit and MATLAB 64bit as well.
For this, first I have installed visual studio 2010 ultimate, then isntalled PGI 32&64 bit. Every thing was OK during installation.

For getting ADAMS.dll i must edit CompileLinkA2AD.bat file, but as i found that there are more differences between IVF and PGI i dont know how to set IVF_LOC, compiler options and compiler internal variables within that file.

Note that using PVF 2010 Cmd(64) Properties>shortcut>target>C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~2.0\PGIVIS~1\pvf_64.bat

I found that the batch file is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\PGI Visual Fortran as u see in pic.


Here some pics may help to solve the problem.


Perhaps someone else on this forum can help you, but NREL does not have the resources to support every compiler. You should read the compiler documentation to figure out how to use it. (You may also want to check that it is even possible to link with the Adams libraries using this compiler.)