Compiling Openfast with HDF5 and yaml-cpp option

Hi everyone,

I am sorry if I missed a related thread in advance.

I want to compile openfast for SOWFA and as far as I understood I need to include the HDF5 and yaml-cpp options. I stuck to the instructions stated in the file in the share folder: …
But I encounter the error:

HDF5_HL_LIBRARIES C HL) (found version “”)

The log files of the building of HDF5 and yaml-cpp dont show any errors. I tried to add the HDF5 files to $PATH which I found in another forum, but this did not work out either.

I don’t quite understand what those packages shall do, but if I understood it right they are only included when setting BUILD_OPENFAST_CPP_API=ON (correct?). Anyhow, the compilation fails with the same error when compiling with default values (cmake …/) although this has worked before.

What changed in between is that I installed HDF5 and yaml-cpp and as I encountered trouble installing them with the cmake version I had to set that to v3.10.1 (although in the README file it is stated 2.8.12, which I had before, is engough.

I would highly appreciate if anyone could help. Thanks in advance.


Dear Merle,

I would suggest posting your question on OpenFAST issues:, where you are likely to get more response from the OpenFAST development community. This forum better caters to the application of OpenFAST.

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