Compile MoorDyn C++ source files in Linux and some error of calculations

Hello! I meet some problems in compiling MoorDyn C++ source files in Linux. There are several problems.
(1) I download the MoorDyn C++ v1.01.01C source file from the web at I try to compile to compile MoorDyn in Linux. I just open the terminal and run the command “make” then I get the and other files. My gcc versios is 4.8.5. Is it the right way to compile MoorDyn in Linux? If not, could anyone tell me the right way?
(2) I use the above to do some calculations. The initial pitch angle and pitch angular velocity are -5.119175 deg, -0.940311 deg/s, respectively. The other dispalcements and velocities are all zero. After calculating, I get the net force in x y z direciton, fX, fY, fZ, of several connections. However, the values are not right in sign symbol. What are the problems?
(3) I also download the MoorDyn C++ v1.00.03C source file from the web at I try to compile to compile MoorDyn in Linux like the way in question (1) but fail. The error are show in the following picture. How to solve the problem?
(4) Besides, can MoorDyn C++ version output the force of Con#fX, Con#fY, Con#fZ in the file Lines.out? After running the in quewtion (1), the output of Con6fY and Con6fZ are always the same. Actually, they should be different. Where is the problems?
The attachments are the input file of MoorDyn (lines.txt) and some error picture.
Could anynone help me solve these problems? I wish your reply, thank you!

lines.txt (2.39 KB)

Sorry to not have responded sooner. Here are some answers:
(1) Yes, this is the right way to compile it.
(2) You would need to share with me the specifics of the outputs you are looking at and what their values are for me to be able to offer a suggestion about this.
(3) If you would like to use this older version of MoorDyn, I would suggest comparing how the isnan function is (or is not) defined in the MoorDyn.cpp source code file between v1.00.03 and 1.01.01. Then you could change the code of v1.00.03 to match the isnan implementation in v1.01.01.
(4) Yes, MoorDyn can output force components from Connection objects. In the output you showed, the values of Con6fY and Con6fZ look different to me. Can you clarify what you mean when you say that they are always the same?
If you are still wondering about any of these questions I’ll do my best to provide further answers quickly.