Compile Adams2AD with ADAMS 2010


I just would like to add the following comment

There is no need to point to the mdi.bat, the following command will work: mdadams2010, just replace the old command adams08r1 with this one mdadams2010.


Hi Rannam.

Thanks for pointing out the new Adams 2010 command.

Regarding your other comment,

I know others have compiled Adams2AD on 64-bit Adams 2010 and 2011. It may require using a 64-bit Intel compiler, though. (And when I compiled for Adams 2011, I had to add an additional folder to my PATH variable because the IVF installation apparently missed something.)

I’m glad you seem to have a working DLL. :slight_smile:


Dear Bonnie,

Now I’m facing another problem, and I can’t find out any possible solution, so I think you highly appreciated help is needed.

The ADAMS.dll was compiled successfully without any errors or warnings, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post.

I also used FAST-To-ADAMS pre-processor to generate ADAMS datasets for both the 5MW baseline wind turbine and the Test11 (1.5MW) included in FAST Certification test.
The next step is to run “ADAMS - command/ ru-user/ d:…\ADAMS.dll / d:…{BL5MW or Test11}_ADAMS.acf”
when I do like this the black screen (command line screen) just disappears in a matter of seconds. and I couldn’t find any log file which can give me more information.

I’ve tried it in other way, I’ve opened “ADAMS - AView” and imported the *.adm and *.acf files, the Wind Turbine was shown in the screen, however, when I run the simulation I got such error:

which means that ADAMS can’t see the user-defined library (ADAMS.dll) which is expected.

So, I’m wondering, if the ADAMS.dll was really compiled successfully, or I’m missing something here…!!!

I would like to mention that my IVF is 32 bits, and I’m using ADAMS 2010 (32bits). also, I’ve un- and re-installed ADAMS 2010 a few times in order to solve this problem, but it still the same.(IVF was installed before ADAMS).

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you are using the 5MW baseline turbine, you will have to compile the dll using the BladedDLLInterface.f90 file to use the proper control system (see the FAST User’s guide for information on that). The Test11 model does not require the BladedDLLInterface.f90 file. (So you will need 2 different adams dlls to run these two models.)

The Adams messages are probably written in a .msg file in the directory of the .acf file. However, if you want the window to stay open after an error occurs and/or the simulation ends, you can open a “normal” (non-Adams) command prompt (start/run/“cmd”) and call the Adams mdi from there:

MDAdams2010 ru-user d:\..\Adams.dll d:\..\ModelName_ADAMS.acf

If you want all the text from the screen saved in a file you can use this command:

MDAdams2010 ru-user d:\..\Adams.dll d:\..\ModelName_ADAMS.acf > MyOutputFileName.txt

I have seen these messages before, but I don’t immediately recall what the problem was. Could you post the screen shot that you got when you compiled the dll? Maybe that will help me remember. :slight_smile:

Dear Rannam,
Regarding to latest warnings that Bonnie mentioned as well.
WARNING: A user SFOSUB subroutine is required for SFORCE BL5MW.Generator_SF.
WARNING: A user VARSUB subroutine is required for VARIABLE BL5MW.CalcOuts_V.
WARNING: A user GFOSUB subroutine is required for GFORCE BL5MW.Bld1Sec01Aero_GF.
WARNING: A user SENSUB subroutine is required for SENSOR BL5MW.AeroDyn_S.
WARNING: A user REQSUB subroutine is required for REQUEST BL5MW.UserRequest_R.

I think these warnings is due to following action:
I think You run your model with ADAMS/View not Adams/Solver.
To run your model in Adams/View correctly you must define your dll and acf file to Adams/View first then run your model with Interactive controls.
To define your dll file: Setting>Solver>Executable>Solver Library
To define your acf file: simulate>simulation script>import acf
To run interactively: simulate> Interactive controls

Hope that helps,

Best regards,

Thanks Mehdi for your comments.

I still can’t make ADAMS work. when I run the simulation from ADAMS/View, I get the following in the message window

The error is regarding the call of SYSARY. I’ce check this forum for similar problem, the only thing I found were on this link [url]] and this one [url]]. What I get from the comments is that SYSARY is the new documented function, which should work fine with the Fortran solver in ADAMS2010.

I Also include a copy of the output when compiling ADAMS2AD:

Again, I’m using:
1- Inter Visual Fortran Composer XE12.1 (32bits)
2- ADAMS 2010 (32Bits)
3- FAST_v70001a-bjj
4- A2AD_v130000a-bjj

Any help how to make ADAMS work is highly appreciated.


Hi, Ranaam.

The error you mention just means that you do not have ARRAY/2 defined in the Adams dataset. ARRAY/2 is generated when you have specified blade gage nodes for output data in the FAST2ADAMS preprocessor (see FAST2ADAMSStatements.xls in the Adams2AD archive). This is mostly a nuisance error–the current version of the software tries to read the array before it knows that there aren’t any gages selected for output–and is something we will fix in upcoming releases of Adams2AD and FAST2Adams. Because the call to read ARRAY/2 occurs in a SYSARY call, the error also generates the next error message, “Errors found in call to SYSARY”. You can safely ignore those two error messages.

It looks like you have the software running. Did your simulation produce any results?

Hallo Bonnie,

Thanks again for your reply.

Apparently, every thing should be ok, HOWEVER, there is still a problem, and simulation with ADAMS is still not working.

I’m using the Baseline wind turbine defined in Test_11.fst, the 1.5MW turbine with the following configuration (Just for test purposes):

  • ADAMSPrep = 3 % Run Fast and generate ADAMS model
  • YCMode = 0 % No yaw control
  • PCMode = 0 % Disable Pitch control
  • VSContrl = 0 % Disable Variable speed control
  • GenModel = 1 % Simple Generator model
  • GenTiStr = True % Start generator after TimGenOn
  • TimGenOn = 0.0 % Turn on generator from the begining of simulation
  • NacYawF = 0.0
  • Initial collective pitch angle = 7.5 deg
  • Initial rotational speed (RotSpeed) = 0.0 rpm

I’m using a wind profile with mean speed of 8m/s at hub height, and with turbulence, this profile is generated using TurbSim.

Simulation using MATLAB/Simulink with the “OpenLoop.mdl” is working fine, and for example the change of rotor speed with the time is shown as in the attached file.

However, when this model is imported to ADAMS/View, and running the simulation, the rotor does not start to rotate. and the Rotor speed is still zero at the end of simulation.
So, I can’t figure-out where exactly to look in order to fix this problem.

Any Ideas!!!


Dear Rannam,

It is hard to assess what is causing this problem in ADAMS without knowing more about what you are trying to do. Here are a few questions:

*Your settings indicate that you are applying the simple induction generator (SIG) model; however, the SIG inputs (SIG_SlPc, SIG_SySp, SIG_RtTq, SIG_PORt) are not defined in Test11. Have you set these input parameters? If so, to what?
Is the generator DOF enabled? (In FAST, setting GenDOF to True enables the generator DOF; the FAST-to-ADAMS preprocessor uses the GenDOF = True case to add a “DEACTIVATE/MOTION, ID = 3150” statement to the ADAMS control (.acf) file.)
*Does ADAMS output the same wind speeds that the equivelant FAST model outputs?

Best regards,

Dear Jason

Thank you very much for your answer,

Basically, what I’m trying to do is to get myself more familiar with simulating wind turbine with ADAMS, using FAST-to-ADAMS preprocessor. Also making sure that everything is working just fine, without any hidden problems.

In the test I’m provided in my previous post, I was trying to see how the wind turbine rotor will start to rotate. So I’ve disabled the Yaw DOF and stopped the pitch control, and the variable speed options, and I’ve used some dummy values for the generator (SIG) model. I might assume that these dummy values might be the problem, so after reading your answer, I’ve made more tests, and Again, I’ve got the same problem.

First I would like to mention that I’m somehow new to ADAMS, so I might missed something which is not so clear for me :slight_smile:

Here again what I’ve done with some results:

Step 1
I’ve used Test_11.fst, without any change. The model is exported to ADAMS, and the *.adm, and *.acf were created: following is the acf file

Step 2
I run ADAMS/View, start a new database, import the *.adm and the *.acf files, then from Settings->Solver->Executable I set the “Solver Library” to my ADAMS.dll, The other options are kept as default.

Step 3
From simulation control, I set the end time (20 seconds), steps (2000) then I run the simulation.

Step 4
When simulation ends, I read the *.plt file (ADAMS output) and *.out (FAST output) files into Matlab in order to compare the results.

Wind Speeds
Regarding wind speeds, ADAMS and FAST deliver the same wind speed in x,y,z directions as shown in the following figure.

Rotor Speed, Blade Pitch 1 angle, Blade 1 root moments, there is difference between FAST and ADAMS, in ADAMS, Rotor speed is not changing at all, Also there is no blade pitch control, nor pitch failure as shown in the following figure.

According to FAST User’s Guide, and according to Test_11 setting for PCMode ADAMS should call the user-defined pitch control routine PitchCntrl(). but it seems it is not the case, as the rotor keeps the same initial rotor speed defined by Test_11.fst (20 rpm), and there is no change in Blade 1 pitch angle.

I know there is something missing in what I’m doing which should be fixed in order to make the simulation in ADAMS works correctly, but it is not so clear for me what to do.

Your help is highly appreciated, and thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards
Rannam Chaaban.

Dear Rannam,

Thank you for explaining your process in detail. Everything you explain makes sense. I, too, am confused why the pitch angle and rotor speed are staying constant in ADAMS. A couple more questions:

*What versions of FAST and A2AD are you running?
*When running ADAMS, does the following message get written to the screen, “Running with control option using data from:”? This message is automatically written when Criag Hansen’s sample pitch controller (the pitch controller used by Test11) is used. (You should be seeing this message when FAST is run.)

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

I’m using the following:
1- FAST_v70001a-bjj
2- A2AD_v130000a-bjj
3- MSC. ADAMS 2010 (32bits)

Regarding the mentioned message I can see it in FAST output but NOT in ADAMS messages…
Here is what I get when I run FAST

and here is what the message window in ADAMS shows

I should mention that ADAMSPrep = 3 in order to generate ADAMS datasets and then to run FAST, so basically I’ve the same WT configurations in both programs.

I hope I’ve provided all needed information


Dear Rannam,

The controller message should show up near the start of the time-marching process in ADAMS. You didn’t show the portion of the ADAMS message window where the time advancement is shown. Does the controller message show up there?

Best regards,

Dear Jeason,

I’m not sure that I’ve understood exactly what you mean.
In ADAMS/View, in the message window, I’ve set the settings “Display messages only at or above severity level” to “Information”, After that, I’ve cleared the message window, then started the simulation. I’ve provided the contents of this window after the end of simulation.

If there something, or some other steps that I should do, please let me know in order to get the required information.


Dear Rannam,

I don’t know much about running ADAMS/Solver from within ADAMS/View; I typically run ADAMS/Solver from the command prompt. Here is the time-marching portion of what is written to the command prompt window when I run Test11 from ADAMS:

    Simulation         Time         Cumulative    Cumulative     Integrator
       Time            Step         Iterations    Steps Taken      Order
    ___________      ___________    __________    ___________    __________
    5.75000E-03      2.50000E-04           0              0           1
    6.00000E-03      2.50000E-04           8              1           1
    2.00575E+00      5.00000E-03        1343            460           3

   Symbolic refactorization attempted at time = 2.3410.

   Generating the Jacobian matrix for the displacements and velocities.

   Generating the Jacobian matrix for the accelerations and forces.

   Generating the Jacobian matrix for the dynamics problem.
    4.00575E+00      5.00000E-03        2663            912           2

Running with control option using data from:
 Speed controller for ADAMS WindPACT 15A1001 model April, 2002.

   Symbolic refactorization attempted at time = 5.0057.

   Generating the Jacobian matrix for the displacements and velocities.

   Generating the Jacobian matrix for the accelerations and forces.

   Generating the Jacobian matrix for the dynamics problem.
    6.00575E+00      5.00000E-03        3894           1329           2
    8.00575E+00      5.00000E-03        5174           1757           2
    1.00058E+01      5.00000E-03        6378           2157           3
    1.20058E+01      5.00000E-03        7492           2557           3
    1.40058E+01      5.00000E-03        8590           2957           3
    1.60058E+01      5.00000E-03        9779           3368           3
    1.80057E+01      5.00000E-03       10877           3779           3

   Enter Command:


      Adams/Solver execution terminated by subprogram A3TERM

   CPU time used = 16.156 seconds

When you run from the command prompt, do you see the same controller message?

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

It seems that I’m having a problem when running the ADAMS/Solver from the command line.
here is what I did and what I got.

1- run “ADAMS - Commnad
2- choose “ru-user
3- User DLL: “\ADAMS2010.dll
4- Adams command file: “\Test11_ADAMS.acf
5- The command window closes quickly, and I could not see any error message on it. Also, I’ve check my files, I couldn’t find a file which might contain the error messages.

Any ideas…!


Dear Jason,

I’ve reinstalled ADAMS, and tried the same steps mentioned above, and here is my output.


     |        | MD Adams 2010     Selection Menu |          |
     |        ------------------------------------          |
     |Action                                  Selection Code|
     |------                                  --------------|
     |                                                      |
     |Create Adams/Solver with                              |
     |   Adams User-DLL                          cr-user    |
     |                                                      |
     |Run Adams/Solver with                                 |
     |   Standard Adams executable               ru-standard|
     |   User executable                         ru-user    |
     |                                                      |
     |Pre- or Post-process with                             |
     |   Adams/View                              aview      |
     |   Adams/Car                               acar       |
     |   Adams/Driveline                         adriveline |
     |   Adams/PostProcessor                     appt       |
     |   Adams/Insight                           ainsight   |
     |   Adams/Flex Toolkit                      flextk     |
     |   Adams/Durability Toolkit                durtk      |
     |   MSC Registry Editor                     redit      |
     |   MSC Registry Shell Tool                 rtool      |
     |   Custom Memory Model (uconfg_user)       cmm        |

     Enter your selection code or EXIT: ru-user

 Enter name of your Adams/Solver User-DLL, or EXIT:

 Enter the name of the Adams command file or EXIT (<CR>=none):

   *                                                                   *
   *                      MSC.Software Corporation                     *
   *                                                                   *
   *                             A d a m s                             *
   *                                                                   *
   *          Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems         *
   *                                                                   *
   *                      A d a m s / S o l v e r                      *
   *                       (Build: 2010.1.19.37)                       *
   *                                                                   *
   *      2012-02-03 10:59:28              Version MD 2010             *
   *                                                                   *
   *      Customer Entitlement ID:         245K3RD9-9V2E88GX           *
   *                                                                   *

   Enter ADAMS model file name or Carriage Return or ? (or STOP):


   Enter ADAMS output file name or ? (default is same as input):


     Adams model file .. Test11_ADAMS.adm

   Default file names for output files

     Tabular output file:

     Diagnostic file    :

     Message Database file    :

     Graphics file      :

     Request file       :

     Results file       :

   Input Phase - Reading in Model

   Adams/Solver dataset Title:
   !ADAMS/View model name: FAST certification Test #11: WindPACT 1.5 MW Baseline wi

   Reading of model complete.

   Input Phase - Populating Solver database

 ---- WARNING ----
   IP data specified for PART Test11_ADAMS.Nacelle_P is not physically
   meaningful, since it does not satisfy the requirement
   that Ixx + Iyy must be greater than or equal to Izz.
   The moments of inertia about the Center of Mass are:
   Ixx = 9.9990E-04, Iyy = 9.9990E-04, Izz = 48056.

 ---- WARNING ----
   IP data specified for PART Test11_ADAMS.Generator_P is not physically
   meaningful, since it does not satisfy the requirement
   that Iyy + Izz must be greater than or equal to Ixx.
   The moments of inertia about the Center of Mass are:
   Ixx = 4.10384E+05, Iyy = 9.9990E-04, Izz = 9.9990E-04

 ---- WARNING ----
   IP data specified for PART Test11_ADAMS.Hub_P is not physically
   meaningful, since it does not satisfy the requirement
   that Iyy + Izz must be greater than or equal to Ixx.
   The moments of inertia about the Center of Mass are:
   Ixx = 34600., Iyy = 9.9990E-04, Izz = 9.9990E-04

   Input Phase Complete.

   CPU time is 6.24004E-02 seconds.
forrtl: severe (104): incorrect RECL= specifier value for connected file, unit 6, file CONOUT$
Image              PC        Routine            Line        Source
libifcoremd.dll    003A3E5E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

Stack trace terminated abnormally.
Deleting D:\BL1M5W\adamsctl_5984.bat
     1 file deleted              4,096 bytes freed
Deleting C:\Users\Chaaban\AppData\Local\Temp\asize_5984.txt
     1 file deleted
Deleting C:\Users\Chaaban\AppData\Local\Temp\ssize_5984.txt
     1 file deleted
Deleting C:\Users\Chaaban\AppData\Local\Temp\null_5984
     1 file deleted              4,096 bytes freed

Now I get an error message “forrtl: severe (104): incorrect RECL= specifier value for connected file, unit 6, file CONOUT$” which I’ve no idea about it… :slight_smile:

Hope now the problem is more clear.

Dear Rannam,

This bug was recently reported to us. In MODULE SysSubs of NWTC Subroutine Library source file SysIVF.f90, you must change CU from 6 to 7 for A2AD to function properly. We have corrected this in the version of the NWTC Subroutine Library that we are currently updating. You will have to recompile the ADAMS.dll after this small change.

I hope that works!

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

The problem is solved now, I’ve checked the forum after my last post looking for similar problem, and I found something here [url]OC3 blade pitch control problem & its errors].
I’ve changed INTEGER :: CU=6 to 7 (line 47 in SysIVF.f90), and rebuild Adams.dll.
When I run FAST with Test11.fst (without any change). fast works fine.
However, running Test11 with ADAMS solver needed more work to adjust the time step, as the using DT=0.005 (Default in Test11.fst) will generate errors in ADAMS/Solver and simulation will stop due to some matrix singularity errors. I’ve set the time step DT=0.001, in order to make a full simulation without any problems (I hope so).
I’ve checked the *.out file for the message you mentioned regarding the pitch controller, and I could find it.

Anyway. here are the new output of RotSpeed, Blade pitch 1 angle, and blade root moments from FAST and ADAMS.

IT is clear that ADAMS and FAST show some similarities in the RotSpeed, and Blade pitch angle. Which sounds to be good.

However, I’ve made some more check regarding the RootMzb1. If I changed the “Time to begin tabular output” TStart to 6 seconds (default is 10), and I get some strange results. (In the following figure, DT=0.0005, same results were obtained for DT=0.001)

I’m not sure if the results are from ADAMS, because of the more detailed model, or a kind of mathematical calculation error.

I’ve very happy to have ADAMS working after spending too much time to solve these problem… :slight_smile:
Thanks you Jason and Bonnie for all the support, and Thanks to all the others who worked to achieve such nice tools.

Best Regards
Rannam Chaaban.

Dear Rannam,

I’m glad your problem is now resolved!

The pitch controller message should be written to the screen when the ADAMS.dll is run from the command prompt; the message will not show up in the ADAMS *.out file because only ADAMS-generated messags are written there.

Hopefully the “spikes” in the ADAMS prediction of RootMzb1 can be eliminated with proper adjustment of the ADAMS integrator settings. I suggest you contact MSC technical support if you can’t solve that one yourself; they should know far more about how to solve these sorts of problems than I would.

Best regards,