clarification of force along axis

It was my understanding that the forces applied to a component was directed along the specified axis. For example, the force specified in RootFxc1 would be directed along the actual x axis. This understanding came into question when using the Fusion 360 FEA simulation program, where the force along an axis is actually the force along a line parallel to the x axis at the blade root. As a result, a torque is applied about the y and z axes as determined by the value of the force times the distance of the blade root to the x axis. Consequently, the force values along the x, y, and z axes would be captured in the torque values about these axes, and it would be incorrect to enter both the torque and force values into the simulation program. I would greatly appreciation a clarification of this.

Arnold Ramsland

Hi Arnold,

That is not the case in the ElastoDyn module. To apply the loads transferred to the hub from a blade, both the forces and moments at the root should be used.

Best regards,

Thank you for your response. Everything worked out well.