BModes units

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I have a short question regarding “hydrodynamic” stiffness and added mass matrices used by BModes when is supported by a floating structure. Angle related stiffness/added mass must be expressed in degrees or radians?

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The units for the hydrodynamic stiffness in BModes are [N/m, N/rad, N-m/m, N-m/rad] for the upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, and lower-right quadrants of the matrix, respectively (radians are used in place of degrees). Likewise, the units for the hydrodynamic added mass in BModes are [N/(m/s^2), N/(rad/s^2), N-m/(m/s^2), N-m/(rad/s^2)], or equivalently, [kg, kg-m, kg-m, kg-m^2].

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thanks it helps!, I wanted to be sure to avoid mistakes.

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