Blade sectional moment capacities

Dear Jason Sir,

I wish to estimate the moment carrying capacity of the blade sections for various airfoils. Is this doable using the blade inputs provided in the simulation setup files?


Dear Subham,

I’m not sure what “simulation setup files” you are referring to, but I would guess they don’t contain the information you seek. It sounds like want the ultimate strength of an airfoil cross section (called LUlt in MLife), whereas the blade structural related inputs to OpenFAST make use of cross-sectional mass and stiffness. For circular cross section of isotropic material, the calculation of the ultimate strength is straightforward if you know the yield strength of the material, e.g., as discussed in my post dated Mar '25, 2020 in the following forum topic: Mlife - User Defined Distribution - #15 by Jason.Jonkman. For a composite cross section of composite material, you’d have to use a sectional analysis tool to compute the ultimate strength.

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