Blade loads at all sections


I need to write SpnMLxb and SpnMLyb at all available Blade Sections of the IPT-File, which are 17. However FAST only allows 9 locations. Right now I see two solutions:

  • run FAST twice with different output locations
  • Change the FAST sourcecode to allow 20 outputs (or even more)

After looking into the sourcecode, it does not seem to be that difficult to add additional outputs to FAST. Before starting to work on that, I just want to ask, if there is a new (alpha) version of FAST which already solves my problem.

Best regards

Dear Felix,

I already increased the number of outputs for SpnMLxb and SpnMLyb up to 99. Unfortunately the changes in the FAST code led to an incompatibly with FAST2ADAMS.
I could send you the files via email.

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Dear Felix,

We’ve answered a similar question here:

We don’t have any plans to increase the number of output stations because the interpolation suggested in the link above is generally quite acceptable.

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I want to thank Tim.Gerloff, who sent his code to me, which allows 99 output segments.

It would be great, if future versions of FAST would support this also. I know, several incompatibilites arise from this feature request (FAST2ADAMS support, output parameter names exceeding 10 characters, …), but I think there should be a possibility to output time series at all blade / tower stations in parallel.