Adding Parameters to StC Module for Modifying TMD Configuration


I am trying to modify the Structural Control module to simulate a structural control method similar to a tuned mass damper, but it includes an additional mass and spring constant that I am trying to add to the code. However, when I try to add these values (I have adjusted the size of u%CmdStiff to accommodate this fourth stiffness parameter), I get this error for the mass and stiffness values. I already added these parameters to the code based on how the other stiffness and mass values are defined, and I added these values to the StrcCtrl_Registry.txt file (K_b and M_b are the stiffness and mass values, respectivley.

Is there somewhere else that I still need to modify the code to allow me to use these parameters or is there something that I am missing?


Seems that I found the solution. I forgot to add the mass and spring value in the second part of the StrucCtrl_Registry.txt file. I had added them to the input file data section, but not the parameters section.

Sorry about all of the confusion.

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