using simulink with OPEN_FAST cannot find bin folder

i am new to fast and i was working to link FAST with Simulink. My problem seems to be that i cannot find the bin directory to add to Matlab path.
I have checked with the folder i downloaded and i cannot find a bin folder or a file that are said to be inside of the bin folder.
i do not know what to do
a friend installed for me Open fast on his own computer and he gave me an extractable file to run the inputs with, I do not know what should i do now.The bin folder cannot be found anywhere
thank you

Dear Mostafa,

The bin directly is only available in the Windows archive; my understanding is that you are trying to run the FAST-Simulink interface on Linux. NREL has not yet provided a FAST S-Function that is compatible with Linux. I see some discussion about this topic on the forum, but for older versions of FAST. I’m not an expert on this area; hopefully someone else on this forum can provide some guidance.

Best regards,