Unable to install CCBlade-1.1.0 in Windows 7 system

Dear all,

I meet some problems when I try to install the CCBlade_1.1.0 design tool in my laptop(under win7). Before the installation I’ve already installed the latest version Python(x,y)-, and the Fortran compiler Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011.
I get error messages & I attach the screen shot herewith. Could someone help me find out the problems since I’m at the first time using the Python language.

Thanks very much in advance.

-Yingyi Liu

Dear Yingyi,

I have similar problems with yours.

I have downloaded CCBlade in NREL website, and prepare to install it. Before installation, I have installed the Fortran compiler Parallel Studio XE 2011 with VS 2010, Python 2.7.10, numpy 1.8.1, scipy 0.14.0 and zope.interface. But I received the error massage no Fortran compiler found.

I hope you have solved your problem and then installed it successfully.

If you are, please help me with this.

Thank you.

Yingyu Xu

Dear Yingyu,

Sorry for just notice your post.

Actually I have not solved this problem yet. I contact the author of CCBlade for help, but had not received response.

Therefore I give up this problem and that’s really a pity.

If this problem were to be solved, I would be able to extend the CCBlade code to include more functions such as diffuser augmented turbine or wake model as my initial intention.

Anyway, we should wait until some guy gives some guidance.


Yingyi Liu