TurbSim Phase Angle

Hi All,

Does the TurbSim pseudo-random number generator generate a phase angle for each frequency based on a uniform distribution between 0 and 2*pi? My apologies in advance if this has been addressed elsewhere but I cannot seem to find an answer to this question in the TurbSim documentation or on this forum.


Michael Harper

Hi, Michael.

Yes. TurbSim uses a pRNG to generate uniformly distributed random numbers in the range [0 1), with one number per grid point, wind component, and frequency. These random numbers are multiplied by 2*pi at the end of the CohSpecVMat() subroutine in TSSubs.f90 to get the random phase (see variable “Ph”).

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Is there by any chance possible to save those random numbers as an output?

Dear Rad,

TurbSim does not save the random numbers and write them to an output file. But you could modify the source code yourself to do so.

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Thanks a lot for your response Jason :slight_smile: