Turbine Configuration

Hello everyone

I am modelling a small HAWT with FAST. The rotor blades in the turbine are not connected exactly to the center but at an eccentric distance from the center and with a small bend.(When I was using HAWC2, I was able to rotate the blade coordinate system according to the bend, and place the blade starting point with x,y z coordinates). This is for the purpose of efficient working of mechanical passive pitch system. I could not find a way to include this in the turbine configuration section of Elastodyn. Can some one kindly tell me how can I include this ?

Thank you very much


Sudheesh Sureshkumar

Dear Sudheesh,

ElastoDyn is not currently capable of modeling a blade with prebend and with eccentricity of its axis from the center of the hub. However, both of these features will be available in the new BeamDyn module of FAST v8 under development. Please see the following forum topic for more information: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/bending-twisting-coupling-in-wind-turbine-blades/930/1.

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Dear Jason

Thank you very much for the reply. Happy to hear that the new BeamDyn will be able to model the eccentric placement of blades as well sweep and pre bend. Looking forward for the BeamDyn release.

I have tried the new modularization frame work of FAST v8, looks very interesting.

Sudheesh Sureshkumar