The concrete expression of the FAST system's equations

Dear Jason,
In your PhD thesis “Dynamics Modeling and Loads Analysis of an Offshore Floating Wind Turbine”,you don’t present the concrete, detailed derivation of the FAST system’s equations of motion, and I want to learn the concrete expression of the system’s equations of motion.(For example, I want to know the concrete expression of these equations:无标题.png). Where can I learn it? Can you give me some guidance?
Whether the concrete expression can be find in your publication “FAST Theory Manual”? But I don’t find this publication in the NREL website, and I can’t download it from the google scholar, where can I get it?
Thanks for your early reply.
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HU Yaqi

Dear HU Yaqi,

Please see the forum topic found here for information on the FAST theory basis: (particularly, the December 15, 2010 post). If after reading through this forum topic you would like a copy of the “Unofficial FAST Theory Manual” mentioned, please send me an e-mail and I will send you a copy.

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Dear Jason,
I think the “unofficial fast theory manual” is helpfull to me, so I want a copy, please send it to my frequently used e-mail address:, ok?
Thanks a lot!

Dr. Jonkman,

I have also gone through the topic that you referenced above. I think I can also benefit further from the ‘Unofficial FAST theory manual’, Can you please send it to me too at