State & Disturbance Estimator

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I have a question about ‘State & Disturbance Estimator’ by A. Wright. (42437.pdf)

According to the process in doc., I have tried to change model from CART2 to NREL 5MW and design ‘State & Disturbance Estimator’.
According to the doc., author said that FAST Linearization ; Control input 1, output 1.
But, when author tried to design control, 1 input changed 2 inputs.

Through the Code of doc., I have tried to make the proper sythensized mats, but signal which is passed from ‘Estimator’ become a feedback signal after passing ‘Gain’. Thus, resultly, this feedback signal become another input for ‘Estimator’.

Originally, because of linearization with 1 Control input and 1 Control output, I can’t simulation in Matlab/Simulink.

To sum up,
my Question : Lbar, Kbar, Gbar is right mats in designed ‘State & Disturbance Estimator’ by A. Wright’s Code? (Fig.4.2 in 42437.pdf)

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I’m so sorry that I can’t attach my pictures about problem…

Plus pictures for explaining well,