I want to simulate an start-up of a wind turbine with Fast 8, I have followed the process explained at the “fast user manual” and I got it, but the problem is that I start the pitch maneuver from feather to 0º(BlPitchF(i) =0) at a rate of 10 deg/sec and when the blades have pitch 0º I start the generator, at this point everything is O.k., but after this point the blades continues at picht 0º until the end of the run (due to the parameter BlPitchF(i)), I would like to get that from this point the pitch control start, so the blades could turn to extract the maximun power. I have tried setting PCMode = 5 and TPCOn= 100.1 (that is when the generator turns on), but I supose that the parameter BlPitchF(i) governs. is there any option to get this case?

P.S.: I have attached the elastodyn and servodyn files that I am using for thsi case with the extension “.txt”.

Thank you very much, best regards.
NRELOffshrBsline5MW_Onshore_ServoDynIDLING-STARTUP.txt (10 KB)
NRELOffshrBsline5MW_Onshore_ElastoDynIDLING-STARTUP.txt (11.7 KB)

Dear Aitor,

As their name implies, the override pitch maneuvers available in the ServoDyn module of FAST v8 override the commands from the pitch control system. The override pitch maneuvers can be used for a simple pitch ramp for start-up, but not followed by active blade-pitch control because they will override the pitch controller commands. If you want a pitch-control start-up followed by active pitch control, you’ll have to program the start-up logic into the pitch controller in place of the override pitch maneuvers.

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