Some outputs don't appear in the output file

Dear all,
Some outputs (like “Azimuth”,“BldPitch1”,in Test12_ElastoDyn.dat & “GenPwr” in Test12_ServoDyn.dat) don’t appear in the output file (Test12.out), Although i added it in the OUTPUT at ElastoDyn & ServoDyn files.

Thanks for your help

Dear Abdel Rahman,

If you added “Azimuth” and “BldPitch1” to the output section of ElastoDyn and “GenPwr” to the output section of ServoDyn in Test12, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t be included in the FAST output file.

Did you save the updated ElastoDyn and ServoDyn files and rerun FAST?

If yes, please describe a bit more what you did (and/or share your updated files, including the updated FAST summary file (Test12.sum), which lists the selected outputs in the order they’ll appear in the output file (Test12.out)).

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I’ve known the cause of the problem :unamused:

Thanks a lot Jonkman for your help

Hi AbdelRahman,

May I ask to you how to solve your problem?
My problem seems to be similar with you… :unamused:
I look forward to hearing from you with hope!

Warm regards,
Minji Jo

Dear Minji Jo,

I’ve assuming I’ve now answered your question in the separate forum topic:

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