Question regarding underestimation of Surge response for IEA-15-240-RWT-UMaineSemi

Thank you for your answer …

I would like to confirm the details regarding #2.

Can I use WvDiffQTF and WvSumQTF only when PotMod=1? I want to consider 2ND-ORDER WAVES in strip theory only calculations (PotMod=0).

The reason and situation is as follows.

I am trying to find the sectional force of a floating body using SubDyn. If I set “PotMod=1”, I get very large moments at the reference point, as discussed in the forum below.

I am trying to find the hydrodynamic loads acting on the floating body using only strip theory with “PotMod=0” for HydroDyn.

If WvDiffQTF or WvSumQTF is set to True under these conditions, the following error occurs

FAST_InitializeAll:HydroDyn_Init:HydroDynInput_ProcessInitData:DiffQTF can only be used with PotMod==1. Turning off
HydroDynInput_ProcessInitData:SumQTF can only be used with PotMod==1. Turning off

I would like to know how to calculate the cross-sectional force of a floating body while taking into account the secondary wave forces.
Is the only way to do this the following method you suggested in the same forum?
Create multiple WAMIT files and assign them to the multiple elements that make up the float.