Question about tower stuffiness and BModes

Dear Jason,

Thanks for the reply.

I am looking at the loads at interface and mudline level. And also, looking at acceleration signals along the tower (with the use tower gauge option).

As you suggested, I did had a look at the loads and acceleration signals. Acceleration signals are same for both stiffness values (Higher-Solid Line and Lower-Dash Line) irrespective of change in tower mode coefficients (In this case, I have kept tower mode coefficients correponding to higher stiffness at mudline level).


And the loads for both cases at mudline level and tower base are having diference of around 1%.

I just wanted to know that does the above approach make sense? If so, can I keep the tower mode coefficients constant for other stiffness values at mudline?

Satish J

Dear @Satish.Jawalageri,

Makes sense to me.

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