primary.elm file in AeroDyn outputs

Hi every body,

I have to run the Fast and AeroDyn codes for some varying parameters several times, and I need the output data in primary.elm file.
I have written a bash file, so the codes are run automatically. the problem is that in each run the primary.elm file is overwritten on the previous file, so I cannot manage the outputs.
I am going to change the name of the primary.elm file for each case, so they would not be overwritten on each other. It seems that the subroutines related to this output file are located in the file GenSubs.f90. But as I see the output parameters are written in the file named “UnElem” not primary.elm.

Please let me know where the name “primary.elm” is modified for the output file? and where should I go to change it?

Best Regards

I’m not positive, but I think Primary.fst is the default input file and all output files use the same root name as the input file (hence, Primary.elm). If you use a different input file name when you run each job, the output file names will be different.