Output interval (MATLAB Simulink and FAST)


I calcuated operation behavior of 5-MW wind turbine system by using MATLAB Simulink (FAST_SFunc.mexw64) with 0.02 DT and 1 DecFact.
However, the output time interval varies with time (0.02 or 0.03 s).
It would be nice if you could teach me how can I calculate with constant output time interval.

Best regards,

Hi, Motoki.

With the FAST v8 interface to Simulink, you should not have varying output intervals. This interface operates in discrete time and is called only once per time step.

If you are using the FAST v7 interface, Simulink called FAST_SFunc multiple times per time step, and this sometimes resulted in varying time output. I’d recommend using FAST v8 if this is a problem.