Mooring system coordinates

Dear friends,
Hello, everyone! Regarding OO-Star mooring system (see attachments), I would like to ask some questions:
(1)If I want to change the water depth, how should these coordinates be determined?
(2)If the water depth does not change, but the position of the clump mass is changed, how to determine the coordinates of the connection point?
I hope you can help me answer in detail, I would be very grateful.
Best regards,
Jingyu, Bian

Dear Jingyu.Bian,

As I said before, for large changes in water depth, the coordinates of the fairlead, anchor, and clump mass will depend on a redesign of the mooring system.

The position the clump mass would come from the mooring design, but the exact location specified in MoorDyn is not critical because it is really just an initial guess for the static equilibrium solve that takes place during the model initialization step.

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