Monopile loading spectra for OC3 - case 5.3

Dear Manuela,

Is the problem the output sensor you are plotting? In the older FAST v7 tool, the monopile was modeled as an extension of the tower, such that the tower base load (TwrBsMyt) is at the mudline. In the newer OpenFAST tool that you are using, the tower is modeled in ElastoDyn and the monopile substructure is modeled in SubDyn. So, the tower base load output from ElastoDyn (TwrBsMyt) is bending moment at the transition piece; to output the overturning moment at the mudline, you should use SubDyn output -ReactMYss.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thank you very much for the comment about the sensor. I have never used v7, so I was not aware that the tower was modeled in Elastodyn and that the tower base is at the mud line. The overturning moment at mudline shows a similar mean value and std as time series from OC3.